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Handgun Training 101

Handguns are the most popular choice for home defense. Due to their size and portability, handguns are a great choice, but they can also be difficult to control, particially under life-threatening situations.

Home Defense 101

Believe it or not, owning a firearm is NOT the first step you should take to secure your home. Several other factors come into play; some of which could stop a home intrusion before it even starts.

Rifle Basics

The premier choice for our armed forces and many home owners, the rifle isn't just used for distance shooting; it has a place in protecting you and your family, if implemented properly.

IDPA & 3-Gun

Continual training helps to hone your marksmanship and defensive skills. Practicing mag changes and target shooting while on the move is a great way to prepare to protect you and yoru loved ones.

Free Missouri Concealed Carry Guide