July 13, 2024

Best Knives For Self Defense

Best Knives For Self Defense

So you want to carry a knife for self defense…

Being that this is primarily a firearms website, I would be remiss is I didn’t point out the old addage of you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight. With that being said, there are legitimate reasons why you should have a knife for self defense and knowing which one to choose can be a big problem. Let us help you break down the options.

My multitool has a Knife on it:

While having a knife on you that is part of your multitool is functional for everyday tasks, they are not designed for self defense situations and should not be considered an actual self defense blade. You can use it if that’s all you have, but be careful to not injure yourself, as most multitool knives do not lock back and can easily close on your fingers.

Spyderco Delica 4

The Delica 4 by Spyderco is a fine choice for a defensive carry blade. While on the lower end of Spydercos knife lineup, the Delica is extrenely lightweight and strikes a perfect balance of size to weight. It’s blade length being less than 3 inches makes it a great concealed carry option in Missouri. The ability to move the belt clip to any of it’s four positions allows for either left or right pocket carry, tip up or tip down.

Ka-Bar TDI

Let’s face it, the Ka-Bar TDI just plain looks odd. It’s curved design is not something that appeals to the average person a a normal knife. Hidden within that weirdness though is craftsmanship and deliberate choices. The curved design of the fixed-blade TDI and it’s grip impressions allow you to use the knife in with either a regular or backwards grip while protecting your hand during punches, strikes and blows towards your attacker. The belt-clip holder that accompanies it does a nice job at retention, but doesn’t allow for concealment when tucking in a shirt. Being a fixed-blade means faster deployment. Being that it’s entirement build for self-defence, it’s not the type of knife that can easily be used for other everyday carry tasks.