How to Get a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit

Residents of Missouri who meet certain requirements can apply for a concealed carry permit. The process involves eligibility checks, completing a firearms training course, submitting an application, paying a fee, and waiting for the permit to be approved.

Get Mentally Prepared for Concealed Carry

Before obtaining a concealed carry permit, people should mentally prepare themselves by considering questions such as if they can take another person's life, or whether they have the proper training, while also understanding the scenarios they may encounter.

Applying for Your Missouri Concealed Carry

General guidelines for Missouri residents to apply for a concealed carry permit. The cost and requirements for the application process, with additional tips and links to the county sheriff's offices.

Missouri Concealed Carry

Find Out What You Need To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Getting your Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Ready for the responsibility of having a firearm strapped to your hip throughout the day? If so, this section of the website will teach you everything

Carrying a Firearm in Missouri

NOTE: There has been legislation proposed to allow CCW without a permit. Missouri House Bill 1250, proposed by State Rep. Eric Burlison in April 2015 attempts to do just that. Can I Openly Carry A Firearm in Missouri? Yes, but it depends on local

Expanding Missouri “Castle Doctrine” | HB 122

Missouri House Bill 122 states that an individual who is occupying private property under the authority of the property owner is permitted to use deadly force in specified situations. This would expand the Missouri “Castle Doctrine” to include not only include your own