June 13, 2024
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Applying for Your Missouri Concealed Carry

Applying for Your Missouri Concealed Carry

What Steps To Take & What To Bring

Applying For Your Permit

Different counties have different procedures, so make sure to read up on the rules for your county prior to going to the sheriff’s office. If you’ve taken your CCW course in your county, your instructor might know more specifics than this page can offer.

General procedures when applying for a Missouri concealed carry permit

Read the law to make sure you qualify for a Missouri CCW before you go through the process. Hopefully you already knew before you took your CCW course

If your local sheriff has a website, check it out for commonly asked questions. Each county can charge a different amount, require an appointment, and other differences

Call your local sheriff’s office and verify everything required and set up a CCW application appointment (if required)

Go to the sheriff’s office with your CCW qualification certificate, required amount of money (some counties charge 3-4% extra for credit card payments and others don’t take credit cards at all) & drivers license. Note: some also ask for social security card

Sheriff will have you fill out a written application and finger print you

You should hear back from the sheriff in a few days at which point you can go back into the office and pick up your permit.

According to Missouri Statute 571, the sheriff can charge no more than $100 for processing an application for a concealed carry permit and no more than $50 for processing a renewal permit. If you fail to renew your permit before it expires, the sheriff can elect to charge you a $10 a month late fee; but only up to six months late. After six months late, you will be required to go through the whole CCW process again.

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