July 13, 2024

House Bill to Allow Missouri Concealed Carry on Public Transportation

House Bill to Allow Missouri Concealed Carry on Public Transportation

April 2015

Missouri house bill 1080, sponsored by Republican Ron Hicks, completed its public hearing on April 1, 2015. The bill, HB1080, would allow, “an individual with a valid Missouri concealed carry permit to possess a firearm on any publicly funded transportation system, including systems providing bus or train service.”

A permit holder may not be harassed or detained for carrying a concealed firearm on the property of the transportation system and may not be prohibited from acting in self defense or defense of others, while on the property of the transportation system.

The bill does not apply to any bus operated by or under contract with a public or private elementary, secondary, or vocational school or higher education institution unless the governing body of the higher education institution, school official, or the district school board has consented to the carrying of concealed firearms on the bus. It also does not include the property of any corporation that provides intercity passenger train service on railroads throughout the United States or any private partnership that the corporation engages in.

Read The Full Text of HB1080 Here

We encourage those who would like to show their support for House Bill 1080 and Missouri Concealed Carry rights in general to contact Missouri Representative Ron Hicks and let him know:

MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 115-E
Jefferson City MO 65101

Legislative Assistant: Dorothy Caudle
Phone: 573-751-1470
E-Mail: [email protected]