Missouri Lawmaker Says Okay To Carrying Concealed Firearms Without CCW License

March 2015

Missouri State Representative Eric Burlison instroduced HB1250 which would do away with Missouri’s current concealed carry law and make it okay for anyone with or without a CCW permit to carry a firearm concealed. Supports of Burlison’s bill say that the right to defend yourself by keeping and bearing arms is a fundamental right that people shouldn’t have to pay extra training fees to get. A concealed carry license in Missouri can cost upwards of $100 just for the license, plus the additional fees incurred to meet the state standards of going through a CCW course, which is an additional fee of usually $100. Last summer, Missouri voters approved the Amendment 5 measure protecting gun ownership, but that put wording into the law that has given legal rights to people who don’t have a CCW permit to carry concealed anyway. Even a convicted felon was let off the hook for being in possession of a firearm by stating the wording in Amendment 5 as the right to keep and bear arms is “unalienable”, meaning residents have the right to defend themselves and their families, not just at home anyway (castle doctrine).

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