April 14, 2024
Firearms Training

Missouri Firearms Training

Missouri Firearms Training

Train With The Best So You Can Perform The Best

Self-Defense Gun Training

Acquire new skills and hone your self-defense knowledge by training like your life depends on it, because one day it just may. Whether you have your concealed carry permit or not, firearm self-defense training is one of the best ways to be prepared for the unexpected.

Types of Firearms Training To Get Your Started

Affordable At-Home Solutions

If you’re proficient with your firearm and want to get started right away with some training techniques, then this section will show you some things you can do at home that will benefit you as a shooter. While classes are recommended, this is a great section for budget-minded individuals.

Basic Handgun Training

An introduction to the fundamentals of modern defensive shooting, a basic handgun course typically covers handgun farmiliarization, safe weapon handling and basic shooting techniques.

Ladies-Only Training

Some ladies need to be able to share their concerns and listen to a more experienced female they can relate to. Some of the best training centers offer ladies-only classes for that very reason.

Home Defense 101

Being able to go to a gun range and shoot stationary targets is nothing compared to being prepared for multiple attackers inside your home within close quarters. Get trained how to properly use your firearms indoors.

IDPA & 3-Gun

Learn & practice proper firearm safety while having a friendly competition with your peers during the process. IDPA & 3-gun matches will help stretch your abilities and keep you on your toes.