Best Knives For Self Defense

So you want to carry a knife for self defense… Being that this is primarily a firearms website, I would be remiss is I didn’t point out the old addage of you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight. With that being

Missouri CCW Knife Laws

Thinking about carrying knife as a Misosuri CCW holder? If so, you may be surprised to learn that a CCW doesn’t give you any more leeway in regards to the type of knife you can carry. In fact, having a CCW probably makes

Missouri Concealed Carry

Find Out What You Need To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Getting your Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Ready for the responsibility of having a firearm strapped to your hip throughout the day? If so, this section of the website will teach you everything

Carrying a Firearm in Missouri

NOTE: There has been legislation proposed to allow CCW without a permit. Missouri House Bill 1250, proposed by State Rep. Eric Burlison in April 2015 attempts to do just that. Can I Openly Carry A Firearm in Missouri? Yes, but it depends on local

Four Basic Rules of Gun Safety

The four basic rules of gun safety are paramount for not just all firearm owners to know and understand, but also for their family members and even those who don’t have guns in their home. Knowing and teaching your children these rules could

Missouri Lawmaker Says Okay To Carrying Concealed Firearms Without CCW License

March 2015 Missouri State Representative Eric Burlison instroduced HB1250 which would do away with Missouri’s current concealed carry law and make it okay for anyone with or without a CCW permit to carry a firearm concealed. Supports of Burlison’s bill say that the

On Target: The Importance of Firearms Shooting Practice

Why Practice With Your Firearm Practicing with your firearm is very important! It’s not just about getting to know your weapon, it’s about building up the skills and confidence to use it safely and effectively. By practicing with your firearm, you can get

Missouri Firearms Training

Train With The Best So You Can Perform The Best Self-Defense Gun Training Acquire new skills and hone your self-defense knowledge by training like your life depends on it, because one day it just may. Whether you have your concealed carry permit or

Expanding Missouri “Castle Doctrine” | HB 122

Missouri House Bill 122 states that an individual who is occupying private property under the authority of the property owner is permitted to use deadly force in specified situations. This would expand the Missouri “Castle Doctrine” to include not only include your own

University of Missouri • Armed Man on Campus

April 2015 Another Reason To Allow Guns On Campus: An armed and dangerous suspect, considered violent, who had a warrant recently issued for absconding his parole, is a registered sex offender, and who had been serving a 30-year sentence for multiple violent crimes