Get Mentally Prepared for Concealed Carry

Are you mentally prepared to carry a firearm? You may think so, but have you thought of the devastation you can cause if you choose to make that choice? By carrying a firearm, you’re saying that you’re prepared to take another human beings life in exchange for your own or for a loved one. By carrying a firearm, you’re readily prepared to stop a life-threatening situation using lethal force with the tool you’re carrying to do the job. Are you prepared to take another persons life? Can you mentally comprehend that? Do your religious beliefs support that action? Could you live with yourself after the incident occurs; and could your spouse live with you knowing that as well?

These are all very real questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to carry a concealed firearm. If you find that the text above made you question your ability to carry a lethal weapon, there are always non-lethal options that you can carry to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Take a look at the following scenarios and try to think about how you would react in these situations. Thinking about what could be possible is a great way to determine if you’re mindset is where it should be before carrying a firearm.

By carrying a firearm, you’re saying that you’re prepared to take another human beings life in exchange for your own or for a loved one.

Scenario #1

You just finished a meeting downtown and your walking back to your car. As you turn the corner, you see a man eye you up and start to approach you. He puts one of his hands inside his jacket pocket as he continues to get closer. You notice his expression is neither happy nor angry. What do you do?

Being a mentally prepared concealed carry holder doesn’t mean you just pull out your firearm whenever you feel a problem might exist. You must be situationally aware at all times and have a plan as to what you’re going to do. The last thing you’d want is to pull your firearm on an innocent citizen and fire a shot only to realize that there was absolutely no threat happening to you or your loved ones. In the scenario above, the gentleman might be getting ready to pull out a bus ticket to ask a question about the time or location. A mentally prepared concealed carry permit holder does not go around expecting trouble and anticipating the worst in every situation. Instead, they go around situationally aware of all that is going on around them and are constantly in condition yellow.

A mentally prepared concealed carry permit holder does NOT go around expecting trouble and anticipating the worst in every situation.

Scenario #2

Your children are nestled in their beds and you hear a window break downstairs. You turn to see your sleeping wife and immediately jump out of bed. What do you do next?

Some might say to get your gun while others may say to go check it out first. If you’re unarmed and find yourself needing a firearm at that very moment, you won’t have time to go back and get your firearm. Mentally you need to prioritize your thoughts and actions. If you’re experienced with your firearm, it would make sense to holster up, wake your wife and tell her what you’re doing, put the phone beside her in bed, check on the kids, then head downstairs, all while listening very intently for footsteps. However, if you’re inexperienced with your firearm, you may be more of a danger to your family and yourself than if you had nothing at all. What happens when you’re not indexing your firearm like you should and instead have your finger on the trigger as your son rounds the corner on you with a glass of milk in his hand. Odds are, you’ll panic at the thought of someone rounding the corner on you and may negligently shoot him; all because you weren’t properly trained how to handle your firearm.

If you’re inexperienced with your firearm, you may be more of a danger to your family and yourself than if you had nothing at all.

Are you mentally prepared to kill another human being?

Do you have the willingness to pull out your self-defense firearm when the need arises? Are you willing to put in the training so that you don’t do more harm than good carrying a firearm? Do you have a kill or be killed mentality? Having a gun and being able to hit targets is only part of being a concealed carry member of society.

The choice to obtain a concealed carry permit should not be taken lightly. Just because you can get the training and a certificate doesn’t mean that you should carry a firearm. The first thing I would ask to anyone who is thinking about getting a CCW is WHY? There are those who can answer this question right and there are those who answer it wrong.

Here are some wrong answers as to why you want to carry conceal a firearm:

  • So that I can carry a gun with me everywhere.
  • Someone keeps steeling things from my car, so if I ever catch him...
  • My friend has one, so I figured I better get one also.
  • If I get one now, the government can’t take it away from me.

Here are a very select few of the correct answers as to why you should want to carry a concealed firearm:

  • I love family and want to protect them however I can.
  • I value my life and don’t want to be a victim if my life is ever threatened.

How you personally answered the reason why you’d be carrying a firearm should determine if you should. The other thing to think about ahead of time is if you’d be able to pull the trigger if the time came to defend the life of you or a loved one. Naturally, you may hesitate at saying a straight YES to that question, but so long as your answer isn’t a definite NO, training can help you overcome any hesitation as you learn how to assess a situation and know whether it’s life-threatening.

Do You Need To Carry A Gun? Watch This Video

“The Concealed Carry Protocol” by Nutnfancy

Life advice from an experienced concealed carry holder, United States Air Force Lt. Colonel, Nutnfancy.

  • It’s impossible to create a safe zone. They only become free-fire zones for those who want to cause havok.
  • Do everything in your power to get out of a situation before it escalates
  • Diffuse the situation to your best ability before a gun shows up in the party

If you have a CCW, Carry Your Gun All The Time! Watch This Video

“Obligation of Carry” by Nutnfancy

Why go through the hassle and expense of getting a concealed carry permit if you don’t have your firearm on you a high percentage of the time? Many CCW holders don’t even carry their firearm after they get their permit. Some just desire the permit so that they have the option if they want to; which isn’t the intent of a CCW. Police can not get there in time to save the amount of lives that CCW holders could.

  • Don’t choose a firearm that’s too heavy for you to carry on a daily basis
  • Carry 24/7/365 *except in the shower, cause that’s not good for most guns
  • You never know when a crazy person will start breaking loose on civilians
  • Handguns = Emergency defensive options
  • A .22 caliber handgun is more effectient than nothing at all